Seeing the Pumpkins… twice!

Hey guys,

First of all: sorry for not being around on Tumblr anymore. I noticed that I had so much more free time to do fun stuff when I stopped blogging, so that’s what I did.

But that doesn’t mean I quit being a Smashing Pumpkins fan! Far from. Last Friday and Saturday I’ve seen the band play in Amsterdam (in the amazing Paradiso venue, build in an old church. Capacity: 1,200!!) and Tilburg. It was really fucking awesome! I stood all the way in the front, which literally was close enough to strum Billy’s guitar. Really cool.

Anyway, Smashing Pumpkins collection forum SPfreaks invited me to write an article about these two shows. You can find it right here. So if you want to read what it was like to see my favorite band (and probably yours too) two nights in a row in an intimate setting, be sure to check out that link!

And with that, I bid your farewell for another few months. Or maybe I’ll answer some asks. Who knows? I sure don’t.

Rock on!

- Jeroen

Of course that Aeroplane Flies High record player was an April Fools joke :’)


"You may have recently read our article where we were informed that artwork was being worked on for The Aeroplane Flies High (tafh) reissue. We now have been sent some artwork of a super limited edition deluxe vinyl reissue. The box is set to be released on June 4th and will be limited to 1,000 units and is expected to be priced at $500 each.

This product is said to come with all 5, 12″ 180 gram LP’s from TAFH boxset and will included all the bonus tracks that are normally exclusive to the deluxe CD version. It will also contain a Laser-disc version of the concert footage from a yet to be announced show from 1997. And of course if you can’t tell from the picture, it will included a record player!”


I will contact you tomorrow :)

And thank you to all who participated! More giveaways will follow in the future!

Hey guys! 

As you might (or might not) have noticed, I’ve been a little inactive for some time. There’s a lot of things begging for my attention right now. My grandfather died, my exams are a bitch and work won’t leave me alone. I’m actually happy that I have the time to write this.

So that’s why I won’t be online for, let’s say, a few weeks. Maybe I’ll be back sooner, who knows?

Anyone, thanks for all the questions and new followers I got when I was away, I’ll get back to you soon!

- Jeroen

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Anonymous asked: howcome you didn't like that band's cover of Zero?

Well first of all I just really dislike Evanescence’s style. That’s a personal thing.

My biggest problem with that cover is that they lost the whole feel of the song. Zero has that controlled madness that Evanescence just can’t reproduce.

Personal opinion though.

impossiblelove737-deactivated20 asked: Does Billy answer fan mail or does it go straight to his fan club?

He used to respond on Twitter quite often, but he isn’t on Twitter that much lately. I don’t know about physical mail, I don’t think he has an official fan club or something. But yeah, approaching him on Twitter might be your best shot if you want to chat with him!

Anonymous asked: Billy hear cover Evanescence "Zero"? He talking something about it?

No idea! He never commented on it as far as I know. That cover is really bad by the way :’)


MUTV Presents “Ask The Expert” with Jimmy Chamberlin (by musicunitedtv)

New interview with Jimmy!

(via fuckyeahthenewpumpkins)

I finally completed the full set of these gorgeous Mellon Collie promos!

The one in the purple sleeve is Bullet With Butterfly Wings, red sleeve is 1979, blue is Tonight, Tonight and the green one is Thirty-Three.

Anonymous asked: D'arcy wanted to have children?

I know a lot about the Pumpkins, but this I wouldn’t know!